Campus France Philippines hits the radio waves as they guest for campus radio shows for the months April and May.


On its last episode for the month of April, DZUP 1602’s (the official AM radio station of the University of the Philippines) Samahang Bidang Bida (a show devoted to the promotion of the youth and student works and activites) presented Campus France Philippines and interviewed Education and Communication Officer Elenie Morales. She shared the reasons why one should pursue his / her studies in France along with its advantages, explained the application process and also talked about her own experience while studying in France.  In France, international students are treated the same way as French students. Ms. Morales, like other Filipino students who studied and are studying in France, enjoyed lower prices and special assistance in various aspects of daily life ranging from student restaurants, to university housing, health insurance and so much more!

A few weeks later, also through DZUP 1602 but this time on DELdalan Na’s French Episode (a show that promotes the study of European languages and Euro-Filipino relations) for the month of May, Ms. Morales discussed scholarships, financial aid and assistance accessible through the search engine, and more about student life in France. There is a wide variety of school and city organized activities that students can enjoy because they are often for free and are present all year round.

Campus France Philippines was one of the first to guest on GreenGiantFM’s (De La Salle University’s official radio station) new show The Boarding Pass. In between songs, Ms. Morales briefly talks about what Campus France does, why one should choose France, and the privileges and benefits of being a student in France. All these information can be provided through Campus France’s free consultation, a venue for individuals aspiring to pursue higher education in France to ask their questions, clarify some information and seek for assistance. Email to set an appointment.

Campus France Philippines promotes French higher education and training through presentations on studying in France and by participating in academic and cultural fairs organized at various universities.

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