Prolong your French experience and stay connected with other international alumni by joining the France Alumni social network!


A key initiative of the French Ministy for Foreign Affairs and International Development, this digital platform managed by Campus France and the Embassy of France, is specifically created to allow foreign alumni to stay in contact with France, its schools, universities, companies, and culture. With France Alumni, former students can interact with each other, have access to different professional and academic opportunities (trainings, scholarships, internships or job offers), and stay updated on the latest in French culture and tourism. This new site is likewise an opportunity for the international development of French companies and universities which can establish new partnerships, either commercial or academic, with the alumni.

The France Alumni platform is available in both French and English, and signing up gives access to both the international site and the local site Through the local site, members will be updated with Franco-Philippine specific news, events, and discussions.

We invite all Filipino alumni of French institutions (all levels of study and all disciplines) to register and take part in this ever-growing community of Filipinos educated in France!