Online Application to CampusArt Artistic Programs Now Open

The online application for art and architecture programs accessible through the CampusArt network is now open until February 12, 2014.
Campus France, Philippines


ATTENTION: applications must reach Campus France Paris on February 17, 2014 at the latest 

CampusArt is a network of French schools offering programs in the arts and architecture, hosted by the Campus France Agency, with the support of the French Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs and Culture and the ANDEA (National Association of Graduate Schools of Art).

The site offers general information about studying art and architecture in France and helps you orient yourself either to a higher education institution of arts or applied arts, to a private or public institution or to a university.

The site provides access (under certain conditions) to programs in Bachelor, Master and Doctorate offered by member institutions of the network.

The artistic domain is primarily concerned in the creation (the “DO” of art, plastic arts, design, visual communication, as well as fashion, interior architecture etc…) in écoles supérieures d’art; but there are also some university programs in Theory of the Arts and Management of the Arts (more information on the website).

The choice of program by foreign students, who have studied art or architecture for at least three years (beaux-arts, history of art, music, architecture, design, cinema, video, danse, graphics…), is accompanied by fast and interactive online application process.

Students submit one application online to all member schools of the CampusArt network.

A response to the application will be given in late April (note that application ends in mid-February) in order to compile all documents, obtain a visa and prepare for your stay.

This service is completely free until the candidate himself decides to accept a program proposal.

This online application process is available worldwide. CampusArt does not replace the CEF procedure now established in most countries (Philippines NOT included) where a visa is required. CEF procedure is mandatory in the countries concerned. Click here for more information about CEF procedure in the Philippines.