Save the date! 3 Sept Official Launch of France Alumni PH + Soirée Alumni

Bienvenue à France Alumni Philippines! We are pleased to welcome all of you to the growing community of French-educated Filipinos.

Whether you spent a month learning French in Nice or you spent five years completing your PhD in Paris, you are invited to join France Alumni Philippines! The platform is open to all Filipino alumni of the French education system.

To confirm your attendance, click on the link at the bottom of this page. 

Signing up is easy - you can import existing information from your social media profiles, and it is accessible in a mobile-friendly version for your smartphones and tablets. 

On your profiles, we highly encourage you to include important information about your academics in France; such as the name of your school/university, the program you finished, and the year of completion

À bientôt à la Soirée Alumni 2015 ! See you soon at Soirée Alumni 2015!