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Choose France 2017 (English version) - A comprehensive guide to studying in France: Why choose France, how to pursue studies in France, and a peek into la vie française


Choisir la France 2017 (version française)Retrouvez ici toutes les informations sur les études et la vie étudiante en France

Étudier en France après le Bac - Le nouveau guide pour les élèves des lycées français à l'étranger en partenariat avec l’AEFE


Degree descriptions - Detailed explanations about the different degrees and diplomas offered at each academic level



Research profiles in major disciplines - Latest news and general information useful for future doctoral candidates

Subject area profiles - An extensive overview containing useful links, program descriptions, etc. on specialized fields



Fiches arrivées - A checklist of important things to do before arriving, upon arrival, and for the entire duration of one's stay in France

Enjoy French Culture Shock - Discover the ABCs of daily and student life in France

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