For the quality of the educational system: Internationally recognized diplomas, degrees, and certificates; 400 internationally renowned institutions of higher education and research; a system of accreditation that ensures quality education.

France devotes almost 20 percent of its annual national budget to education–about 10,000 Euros per student! Domestic and international students are treated equally at French institutions of higher education.

For scientific, industrial, and economic know-how: France is the source of technological marvels such as the high-speed train, the smart card, the Ariane rocket, and Airbus planes.

France is also the world's fourth largest economy, home to world-class manufacturing groups such as Renault, Michelin, L'Oréal, Total, Orange and Carrefour, and many thousands of promising start-ups and thriving smaller businesses.

For the quality of French life : a superb system of public transportation, modern and affordable health care, cities in which you feel safe and secure.

For culture and savoir-vivre: France has a long and rich cultural heritage, and a lively cultural scene featuring festivals, theater, fashion, and good eating. France produces 120 - 150 films a year, and Paris has the world's highest density of cinemas.

For the language: French – the official language of almost 200 million people – opens doors in 47 countries all over the world. It is also the only languague with English to be spoken on the 5 continents.