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ATTENTION: Applications should reach Campus France by 20 March 2013 at the latest lists programs for the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels of study proposed by a network of French art schools established by Campus France.

The site gives general information on art studies in France and institutional options: a selective art or applied arts school, a public or private school, or a university.

The site also has a fast and interactive online application procedure which allows you to submit a single application to the whole art school network.

You can get a decision by the end of March, which will allow you to prepare for your stay in France by applying for a scholarship, a visa, etc.

The CampusArt service is free until the moment you get accepted into your chosen school.

The CampusArt online application process is available all over the world

  • Nov. 2012 – beginning of March 2013 : Online application period
  • 20 March 2013 : Application deadline
  • 21 March 2013 : Beginning of videoconferences, interviews, application decisions, and other admission procedures by the schools
  • 19 April 2013 : Deadline for schools to give official notices of acceptance to applicants
  • 19 to 30 April 2013 : Deadline for candidates to decide on a school
  • 30 April 2013 : Closure of’s application procedure ; distribution of pre-inscription materials by the schools.

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