Earliest date for lodging applications:

  • 90 days (around 3 months) before the intended date of departure 

Visa processing time (from the date the French Consulate receives your application):

  • minimum 15 working days (for complete application files)

  • incomplete files/insufficient documents will cause a delay in processing and may result in the refusal of the application

  • Plan your application ahead to avoid any delays and issues in your travel plans

Concerning applicants who are foreign nationals in the Philippines AND holders of a Philippine passport/Filipino nationals who are not regular residents of the Philippines:

  • To be able to apply to the French Embassy in Manila, visa applicants who are foreign nationals must have been legally residing in the Philippines for at least the past 6 months

  • The French Embassy in Manila only accepts applications from applicants whose main country of residence is the Philippines

    • This means that even if you have a Philippine passport, but you have not been living the Philippines for the past 6 months - your application will not be accepted and you will need to apply for your student visa at the French Embassy/Consulate in your country of residence

  • Some examples:

    • Filipinos who have been studying or working abroad and are in the country for a vacation cannot apply in Manila


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